Baffle Gab Thesaurus & Game

How to succeed in literary theory without understanding anything. Here is the literary theory version of the "Baffle-Gab Thesaurus." The method is to combine, taking one from Column A and link it with one from Column B. You may, of course, combine two or more selections from Column A before you find an appropriate (or arbitrary) word from Column B.

problematized signification
ontological ideology
bracketing indeterminacy
patriarchal intentionalist
priviledging signifier
poetic conventionality
mediating ambiguity
arbitrary historicity
supplementary intentionality
metonymic rhetorization
semiotic fictionality
figural hermeneutics
representational schematization
literary valorization
authentic temporality
revisionary primacy
referential functionality
linguistic indeterminacy
deconstructing ideology
canonical authenticity
recursive intentionalism
always already temporality
revisionary uninterpretability
typological absence
semiotic presence
ideological referent
structural signification
signifying erasure
historizing discourse
arbitrary Cartesian cogito
referential totality
culturally configured rupture