Questions by Bill Orchard on Adam Bede

Questions by Bill Orchard for students to consider while reading Adam Bede:

1) details of domestic life
2) Nature (to look carefully at the descriptive passages in the book)
3) Family relationships
4) Narrative sturcture and the ways in which the writing refers back to itself.
5) sympathy (how does it operate? how does it relate to a moral vision?)
6) links to the other books we read (Malthus, love, Nature).

Jan Patten asks students to consider:

Some recent contributions to narrative theory examine the way Romantic visionary experience alters narrative structure in the realistic novel. Proposing two models of Romantic vision–the Wordsworthian and Shelleyan–we might define transcendence as a disruptive pause in
narrative, in which the mind’s power is first blocked then released onto a higher plane of experience or discourse.