I am the Cheese Study Questions

I Am the Cheese

1. As the story opens, where is Adam going on his bike? Mention some of the points, clues, in the story which indicate your answer. Why is Adam going to see his father?

2. Adam instinctively trusts Dr. Brint. Why?

3. Describe some of Adam’s earliest moments as a child. How is the children’s title song connected here?

4. How does Adam Farmer show himself to be a brave person in spite of his many fears?

5. What are some of the clues that Adam gets as he begins to learn the truth? What does Adam’s mother mean by the "Never-knows"? Why are these the greatest fears of all?

6. How is what happens/is happening to Adam Farmer a paradigm for the adolescent/adult quest for identity?

7. Connect this story to Holden’s, to other YA protagonists. How is the narrative frame similar to other young adult novels we have studied?