True/False questions for I am the Cheese

This is a typical kind of True/False test that really doesn’t work in the case of I am the Cheese.

Place a + before each statement that is true and a 0 befor each statement that is false.

______ 1. As the story opens, Adam is riding a bus to Vermont.

______ 2. Adam is going to see his father.

______ 3. Adam instinctively trusts Dr. Brint because of Brint’s kindly eyes.

______ 4. Adam’s earliest memories have to do with the sounds and smells of his parents.

______ 5. During Adam’s childhood, the family moved frequentlly.

______ 6. Adam remembers "The Farmer in the Dell," because his father sang that song to him frequently.

______ 7. When the dog attacks him, Adam falls from his bike and lands in the ditch.

______ 8. Adam’s father had protected him from a dog when Adam was a child.

______ 9. Adam enjoys being with Amy because she makes him feel good about himself.

_____ 10. Every one of Amy’s "Numbers" that Adam helps with is successful.

_____ 11. The visiting editor from Rawlings told Amy that he used to work with Adam’s father.

_____12. Adam shows real courage in the restaurant when he defends the package from Junior Varney and his friends.

_____13. Adam learns that his family had to run and hide becaue Adam’s father had a criminal record.

_____ 14. After he finds out the truth about his identity, Adam is very angry because his parents have lied to him.

_____ 15. The greatest fear that the family faces is the fear of the unknown.

_____ 16. Adam’s parents were killed in a plane crash.

_____ 17. Amy Hertz never really existed.

_____ 18. Mr. Grey was a true friend who protected the Delmonte family.

_____ 19. On his bike trip, Adam is able to stay at the same motel where he had stayed with his parents.

_____ 20. At the end of the story, Adam and his father are reunited.