Elma Alberta Kogel Lipfert HahnCharles Adam Lipfert 1876-1907


Gladys K.L.Hahn, when she was working in NYC


Edith Kogel Wehrbeurger, sister of Elma, mother of Florence Catherine Von Wehrberger Sayre, grandmother of Barbara Edith Steele

The Kogel Girls: Maud, Elma, and Edith

Edith Florence Kogel VonWehrberger

Catherine Frankel Kogel, mother of Edith, Elma, Grace, Maud, Louis

Gladys Kathryn Lipfert Hahn with her two half brothers, Edwin and Wilbur

Gladys H. Patten and Janice E. Patten at 100 Union St, Cedar Grove, NJ, shortly after they moved in.

Maude Rose Wehrberger Swanek, mother of Diane, Rob, Stephanie,

Joseph Dewey Patten, 1898-1973. Father of Janice Elma Patten, Jeffrey David Patten, and Joel Todd Patten, and 3 daughters from a previous marriage: Jean Bischoff, Jill Schoch, and Frani Patten


Gladys Kathryn Lipfert Hahn Patten 1907-2000.....Mother of Janice, Jeffrey, and Joel.

Dad's first original Christmas card with his new daughter, Janice in 1941.

Joel and JeffreyJanice and Jeffrey

Janice, Jeffrey, and Joel (1951)

Arthur Patten, William Patten, and Joseph Patten

Joseph Patten,Father of Joseph, William, Arthur, John. Painting by his son, Joseph D. Patten

Florence C. Wehrberger Sayre and Dundee Angus in Ben Lomond, CA

Gladys, our Mom, doing what she loves to do, with her teddies watching her.. This picture was taken in 1997, three long years after her near-fatal operation in 1994. She is on her same couch; Jeffrey and Janice had it reupholstered by a really helpful fellow in Bloomfield while she was in the hospital. She loved the new fabric.

This picture was taken in the summer of 2000. Mom was always cheerful, no matter how much pain she was in.

This picture below was taken on Long Beach Island in the summer of 1997. She spent a week in a lovely cottage (yes they still existed then) in Barnegat Light.


Paternal grandmother of Scott D. Dreier and Kimberly D. Haeger

Left:Kimberly and Scott in Old Bridge, NJ. Right: Kim and Scott sitting on the bench at 100 Union Street. The bench is gone now, part of it remains with Jeffrey in MA. The bench is now replaced by grass and a new family in a new house located just next to 100 Union Street, Cedar Grove, NJ

Scott on one of his rare visits to Ben Lomond, CA, with his mom and sister Kim

Left:Joel Todd Patten and his daughter Emelie and wife Beth on an outing near their home in New York Right:Jeffrey and Connie on their porch at Ashby MA

The Pattens in Vermont at the family Reunion 2006

Janice, Jack,and Laird in Baja

Gladys Kathryn Lipfert Hahn Patten as a young girl