Havighurst’s Developmental Tasks for Young Adults

Havinghurst’s developmental tasks for adolescents:

Achieving relations with both sex’s agemates.

Achieve masculine or feminine social role

Accepting one’s physique and using body effectively

Accepting and achieving emotional distance and independence from parents

Achieving assurance of economic independence.

Selecting and preparing for an occupation.

Preparing for marriage and family life

Developing intellectual skills and concepts necessary for civic competence

Desiring and achieving socially responsible behavior.

Acquiring a set of values and an ethical system as a guide.

To acquire these goals, it will be necessary to have communication skills, including empathy, translating, tolerating, and participating.

What else might we add to this list? How up-to-date is this list?

As we study the literature of Young Adults we need to consider several tThematic concerns: Particularly Patten’s 7 p’s:


In other words, we do not look for simple, one-sided solutions. We investigate and analyze all the complexities of a given work, a given situation, and/or a given event.