Study Questions to Make Lemonade

Make Lemonade

1.) Describe the essential differences between LaVaughn and Jolly. How does La Vaughn’s mother enter into this? Discuss "schooling" and its various connotations.

2.) Are there parallels situations in the circumstances of Jolly’s children and La Vaughn’s own upbringing? Absent fathers? Explain the lack or differences in their "support" systems?

3.) Locate and analyze the metaphoric images that LaVaughn uses to describe situations. Illustrate how free verse enhances this.

4.) "It’s for the garden, it’s a machine. It turns the soil. So you can plant. You have to rototill. Otherwise nothing else grows" (157). Analyze this.

5.) Discuss the ending of the book. How might you have written an alternative ending? Were they headed for this all along? If so, give examples.