Lesson Plan Outline, Recommended by Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Patten

Daily Lesson Plan

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Class: ______Date:________ Grade level: __________Subject unit:_________

Materials needed:

Theory: [If your principal asks why you are teaching this lesson, how would you justify the time spent on this material? What sources would you cite?]

State Guidelines:list one or two of the California State objectives here.

Objectives: [Bullet two or three objectives/goals succinctly for the day’s lesson–not for the entire semester. The students will be able to . . . at the end of this lesson]

Introduction: [How will you introduce this lesson to the class? For the sections Introduction, Procedures, and Closure/Evaluation, you might write the lesson plan as if you are actually talking to your class.] Very short activity or a reminder of the previous day’s work or. . .
Procedures: (Activities) [steps, e.g. models, structured practice, guided practice, independent work. Include time allotments for all steps in each section. Usually 5-10 minutes per section. Timing is very important.]

Step 1 xx minutes

Step 2 xx minutes

Step 3 xx minutes

Step 4 xx minutes

Closure/Evaluation: [How will you close the lesson? How will the students remember what they learned today? Homework? Summary? Quiz? When? Usually allow at least 5 to as much as 10 minutes for this section].

Lesson Analysis for future use: [Analyze the strengths and weakness of the lesson as it actually happened. Include things to avoid next time you teach the lesson, and what went particularly well. How was the timing of the lesson?]