Graham’s poem

"Limo" by Graham Patten, age 14

Stuffy method of transportation.
The thronging of crowds not ceasing.
Psychic glare of the windows in a backshadowing
of being.
A glare hiding the innocently evil, or evilly innocent, inside.
Though retarded by the gathering around,
like eddying swim-schools pressing, the hull — a mighty and secure
savior of all inside – proceeds as water through the sand.
Stung by hurling bitter-mouths and hurriedly flapped
eager chasing with inside front cover outstretched and pen, demanding your hand.
But, alas, soon all gone and the swell of a hopeful pride

"Boy Mind": A Prose Poem

by Graham Patten, age 14, student

And so my fellow, we have now nearly reached the end.

I shall not be seeing you after this.

A great many things we have indeed learned, one with another, each with all.

We shall part as men, now, as we have met as boys.

New things are sure to come, as those of your youth are to go.

You all are now to remember and hold in your heart all that you have seen

and heard and are so presently seeing and hearing.

He bore himself in a manner that disturbed me, but only presently, for the

warmness about him made one be drawn to him.

He, this one who spoke the words of sourness and wisdom,

was my very own mind.