Metaphors underlie the dramatic structure of Middlemarch

Metaphors which underlie the dramatic structure of Middlemarch

1) Metaphors of unification–reconciliation, of inclusion, of mingling, of connecting, mixing, yearning

2) Metaphors of antithesis–implied by above. Reality versus appearance, chaos versus order, shapelessness vs. shape, outer vs. inner, things as they are vs. things as they should be.

3) Metaphors that conceive things as progressive. Consciousness as a stream, water (related to above by yokes, walled in, toiling . social hiindrances rather than moral.

4) Metaphors of shaping and making, of structure and creative purpose. Order, structure etc.

5) Metaphors of "muted" apocalypse. See particularly images of light, high, higher, manifested, divinations, revelations, testing guiding, inward visions, illumination, revelation, fulfillment.