Midterm Research Project Spring 2003

Research Midterm Paper: 15%

Due April 14th.

Provide an annotated bibliography for a given ISSUE in Young Adult literature. You might consider some of the more obvious ones such as eating disorders, abuse, drugs, peer pressure, effects of WWII, multicultural problems, Historical period or particular historical event, parental control, gangs, etc. You might also enjoy finding more out about another topic that would be part of the Young Adult’s experience. As part of the annotated bibliography, you shall provide

1) a miniumum of 10 YA fiction books that deal with the topic. Here you should plan on skimming them or at least opening them to see if they indeed do cover the topic well.

2) a minumum of 2 non-fiction books meant to be read by young adults.

3) a minumum of 3 Professional articles.

4) You must use the physical library as well as the virtual library (internet). Provide a one-page photocopy of articles.

5) Include a one-page lesson plan of how to teach this topic.

Many of you have asked if you are to write a paper with this assignment. You may—only if you wish—explain some of your findings. It is not necessary as you annotations should be sufficient. This assignment is meant to enlarge the scope of your understanding of the many issues in YA literature.

Here are some books that might prove useful.

  1. Almond, David. Skellig.–a man-owl-angel is found in an abandoned garage.
  2. Armstrong, Jennifer. The Dreams of Mairhe Mehan.–Irish girl’s story during the Civil War, with references to Whitman
  3. Avi. Nothing But the Truth.–a teen, dissatisfied with a grade attempts to "blame" the teacher
  4. Avi. The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle.–In 1832 young girl finds herself the sole female on a ship.
  5. Blackwood, Gary. The Shakespeare Stealer--a romp through Renaissance England
  6. Block, Francesca Lia . Weetzie Bat.–part fantasy, part punk, deals with homosexuality and dreams
  7. Bloor, Edward. Tangerine.–misconceptions about high school troublemakers and brothers who don’t get along.
  8. —. Crusader.–uncovers the dark corners in a sunny strip mall in Florida
  9. Bond, Nancy. A String in the Harp.(a Newbery Honor book)–fantasy and realism combine in a trip to Wales
  10. Bradbury, R. Fahrenheit 451.–now classic story of a society that fears books
  11. —. Dandelion Wine.–powerful and imaginative story of a boy growing up one summer
  12. Brooks, Bruce. Midnight Hour Encores–a musical prodigy whose lives with her father, but searches for her mother
  13. Bunting, Eve. Jumping the Nail–you will never underestimate peer pressure again.
  14. Burgess, Melvin. Smack. addiction of a 14-year-old heroin addict–won lots of recent attention
  15. Cameron, Ann. The Secret Life of Amanda K. Woods..–Set in 1950s, 12 year-old struggles after her friend leaves
  16. Cannon, A. E. The Shadow Brothers.–relationship between 16 year old and his foster Navejo brother
  17. Childress, A. A Hero Ain’t Nothin’ But a Sandwich–theater in the round narrative depicts plight of young heroin addict
  18. Coman, Carolyn. What Jamie Saw. (a powerful book)–abuse through the eyes of 12 year old.
  19. Cormier, R, Fade–science fiction about the implications of the art "disappearing" or fading.
  20. —. We All Fall Down.–powerful and gritty effects of random violence on and by teens
  21. —. The Chocolate War.–evil and gang influence at a Catholic boy’s school.
  22. —. I am the Cheese.–a psychological, moving story about the witness protection program
  23. Creech, Sharon. Walk Two Moons.–different narratives coincide about a teen traveling to bring her mom back home.
  24. —. Chasing Redbird.–a teen uncovers an old trail, while uncovering her hidden self.
  25. —. Bloomability.–a young gal moves abroad and has trouble adjusting
  26. Crutcher, Chris. Chinese Handcuffs.–a twisted, fascinating story about the connection between a girl and a boy
  27. —. Ironman: a Novel. –in a series of unsent letters, athlete pours out his feelings.
  28. —. Staying Fat for Sarah Brynes.–a dilemma regarding diet and "fitting in"
  29. Curtis, Christopher. Bud, not Buddy.–the 2000 Newbery winner
  30. Cushman, Karen. The Midwife’s Apprentice.(a Newbery Medal)–set in Medievel times, vibrant story of girl’s life
  31. Dickinson, Peter. A Bone from the Dry Sea.–parallel stories involving anthropological theories of human development
  32. Dorris, Michael. The Window.–Native American girl finds a home with African American father (ages 9-12)
  33. Fleischman, P. Whirligig.–young man’s punishment is his salvation
  34. —. Mind’s Eye.–dialogue about elderly woman and disabled teen girl
  35. Frank, Anne. Diary of Anne Frank–classic story, now enlarged and embellished, of young girl during Holocaust.
  36. Freeman, Suzanne. The Cuckoo’s Child.–a young girl ties to understand her mother’s leaving
  37. Giff, Patricia Reilly. Lily’s Crossing. (9-11) In summer of 1944, teen spends her summer without her father.
  38. Greene, Bette. The Summer of My German Soldier.–young girl finds WWII comes to her home town
  39. Haddix, Margaret. Don’t You Dare Read This, Mrs. Dunphrey.–abuse–the use of journal writing in English class.
  40. Hamil, Pete. Snow in August. beautiful, captivating story about friendship in 1940s Brooklyn.
  41. Hamilton, V. Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush–African American teen takes care of ill brother in magical realism tale.
  42. —. Cousins.–jealousy between African-American cousins leads to many difficulties
  43. —. The Planet of Junior Brown–talented, but troubled New York youth finds friendship
  44. Hautman, Pete. Mr. Was.–strange, time-travel mystery
  45. Hentoff, Nat. The Day They Came to Arrest the Book–about Huck Finn in the classroom.
  46. Holt, Kimberly. My Louisiana Sky.–Bright girl with mentally-challenged parents presents new problems.
  47. —. When Zachary Beaver Came to Town.–young man finds his own problems diminished when Zachary arrives.
  48. Jimenez, Francisco. The Circuit: Stories from the life of a migrant child.–Boston Globe-Horn Book Fiction award.
  49. Kim, H. The Long Season of Rain –grade 10+ about South Korea.
  50. Kingsolver, Barbara. The Bean Trees.–Native American girl leaves home, travels west, and gains experience.
  51. Levenkron, Steven. The Luckiest Girl in the World-some anorexia difficulties & a cutter
  52. —. The Best Little Girl in the World–anorexia problems–portrayed well.
  53. Lobel, Anita. No Pretty Pictures: a child of war. a true story of young girl’s growing up during WWII.
  54. Lowry, L. The Giver–science fiction about a distopia
  55. Martinez, Parrot in the Oven–modern story of a Mexican-American finding a special place
  56. McCourt, Frank. Angela’s Ashes.–young boy grows up in devasting poverty in Ireland
  57. —. ‘Tis.–continued saga of Frank’s teenage years in the States
  58. McGaffrey, Anne. Dragondrums–winner of YALSA lifetime achievement award
  59. McGraw, Eloise. The Moorchild. (Newbery Honor)–9-12, girl is half fairy, half human
  60. Mowry, Jess. Ghost Train–fantasy-mystery about 13 year old Haitian boy who moves in with his father in Oakland
  61. —. Way Past Cooll.–Black teens in Oakland
  62. Naylor, Phyllis. sang spell.–tale of mystery, magic, and madness
  63. Newman, Leslea. Fat Chance--a bulimia story
  64. Nolan, Han. Dancing on the Edge (a National Book award)about a dancer on the edge of sanity,
  65. Paton-Walsh, J. A Parcel of Patterns.–a superb story about the effect of the plague.
  66. Paulson, Gary. The Transall Saga.–camping trip experience transports him seemingly to another planet
  67. Peck, Richard. A Long Way to Chicago. series of stories about visiting grandman living in a small town–9-12
  68. Pinkwater, Daniel. The Education of Robert Nifkin.–funny, heartwarming satire about Polish misfit
  69. Potok, Chaim. The Chosen.–an orthodox Jewish young adult’s intellectual search
  70. Rapp, Adam. The Buffalo Tree. hypnotic tale of boy in detention center and survival techniques
  71. Pullman, Philip. Clockwork. An unusual and terrifying, magical story about a ticking clock.
  72. Rylant, Cynthia. I Had Seen Castles.–a soldier remembers his war experience–impressive
  73. Santiago, Danny. Famous All Over Town.–Mexican American saga in LA
  74. Sparks, M. It Happened to Nancy–a really powerful, true story of a girl contrating aides.
  75. Spinelli, Jerry. Wringer..–deeply moving story about peer pressure on a young boy–9-12
  76. Sutcliff, Rosemary. TThe Eagle of the Ninth-a story of a Roman centurian’s struggles beyond Hadrian’s wall
  77. Viramontes, Helena Maria.Under the Feet of Jesus.–imaginative, allusive story of Estrella’s family migrant workers
  78. Voight, Cynthia. When She Hollers-a powerful story of abuse
  79. Williams-Garcia, Rita. Like Sisters on the Homefront–young girl is shipped south to find her Southern roots
  80. Williamson, Eric. East Bay Grease.
  81. White, Rob. Deathwatch.–a chilling story of broken trust and survival
  82. Wolff, Virginia Euwer. Probably Still Nick Swansen–about a learning disabled young man
  83. —. Make Lemonade.–you’ll never forget this story of two teens: an unwed mother and a young helper
  84. Woodson, Jacqueline. From the Notebooks of Melanin Sun–a 13-yr old finds his mother is love with a white woman.
  85. Wynne-Jones, Tim. The Maestro.–a boy encounters a strange hermit with musical talents
  86. Yep, L. Child of the Owl .–a young girl discovers her Chinese roots (9-12)
  87. Yolen, J. The Devil’s Arithmetic–a time travel story of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust
  88. — and Bruce Coville. Armageddon Summer.–a story of the power of apprehension and "cults

These books will be helpful when students do their semester project, or for consulting during the course.

Theoretical books (more to be added)

  • Canfield, Jack etc. Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul.
  • Copeland, Jeffrey S. Young Adult Literature: A Contemporary Reader.
  • Honig, Bill, ed. Recommended Literature: Grades Nine Through Twelve.
  • Kaywell, Joan. Adolescent Literature as a Complement to the Classics. Volumes 1,2, and 3.
  • Lukens, Rebecca J. and Ruth K. J. Cline. Critical Handbook of Literature for Young Adults.
  • Nilsen, Alleen Pace and Kenneth L. Donnelson. Literature for Today’s Young Adults.
  • Monseau, Virginia and Gary M. Salvner, eds. Reading Their World: The Young Adult Novel in the Classroom
  • Pipher, Mary. Reviving Ophelia.
  • Pollack, William. Real Boys: Rescuing Our Sons from the Myths of Boyhood.
  • Reed, Arthea J. S. Reaching Adolescents: The Young Adult Book and the School.

Books of Poetry
(more to be added)

  • Glenn, Mel. Class Dismissed: High School Poems
  • Janeczko, Paul. Brickyard Summer.
  • —. The Music of What Happens: Poems That Tell Stories
  • Koch, Kenneth, and Kate Farrell. Sleeping on the Wing
  • Merriam, Eve. If Only I Could Tell You: Poems for Young Lovers and Dreamers.
  • —. Reflections on a Gift of Watermelon Pickle.