Reading Response to Tuck Everlasting by Arleen Kiyomoto

Reading Response for Tuck Everlasting by Arleen Kiyomoto

7. The stranger’s physical appearance and behaviors are manifestations of his lack of humanness. Instead of displaying smooth, natural movements as a puppet does, the stranger is likened to a marionette whose every movement is manipulated with strings attached, suggesting that all the stranger’s actions are deliberate, calculated, and manipulative (117-18). The stranger uses his yellow suit as a superficial means of captivating his audience (or victims), while his black hat gives a subconscious anticipation of impending doom (17-18, 73, 94). The tapping or jiggling of his foot is like a cat’s tail swishing back and forth before the cat pounces on its prey (18, 21, 73, 94). The stranger’s lack of humanness is maintained all the way into his death as he appears to be discarded as a worthless object that never seemed to have an inner life force (102). The strangert was an object that had no name to justify his life or to dignify his death.