Bloom’s Taxonomy Questions

Bloom’s Taxonomy Questions


Bloom’s Taxonomy questions provides teachers with a guide to questioning students on different levels. The questions below are designed to activate student knowledge and thought at deeper levels. Use the questions to help students look at Chapter Seven, "Sae Young," on the six levels of the taxonomy. Ask the questions after the students have read "Sae Young."


Are any other characters from Korea?

No, but Kim is from Vietnam. She and Sae Young may have cultural similarities


What happened at Sae Young’s dry cleaning business?

An armed robber took the money and injured Sae Young.


Can you think of how they could solve the water problem? Would any of the suggestions the kids offer work?

Answers will vary.


Why does it feel to good to Sae Young to "just be near people"?

Answers will vary. Because she is lonely, enjoys people, etc.


Imagine a conversation between Sae Young and Kim. What might they talk about?

Answers will vary.


Decide whether being involved in the garden will be a good way for Sae Young to feel more confident and safe. Give opinions.

Answers will vary.


Assess the students’ ability to respond to the higher level questions as you answer them as a class. Their responses may prompt you to spend more time helping them understand how to perform these different levels of evaluation. Students can also complete a journal evalutaion or short essay using one of the higher level questions as a prompt.