Questions for Seedfolks


1. Kim whose family is from Vietnam plants some dried lima beans in a vacant lot in Cleveland. Give at least three reasons for her action and discuss how these reasons are connected to your knowledge of developmental theories.

2. What are some of the linking devices (the common thoughts, actions, events, etc that link one character’s story with that of the previous one, and the following one) throughout the novel? How do they work? Discuss how these devices give the reader a shifting perspective on events.

3. How does each person’s cultural past and individual past affect his/her gardening experience and their sense of community?

4. Explain the idea of a garden as it is developed here. Look at its growth, its change, its mutability, and its vulnerability. How is this "garden" truly organic?

5. Look at the pattern of windows, barriers, borders, barricades, and space as they are used in Seedfolks. Discuss.

6. The reality versus the dream: how does this specifically impact the dynamics of the story? Give a brief example.

7.Where in the story might you begin questions of the middle range order of Bloom’s Taxonomy and why? Be sure to give an example.

8. What other YA books, poems, videos, and short stories might be linked to enhance a YA’s reading in a meaningful way? [We will do most of this in class.]

9. How does this book fit the YA category? What are some of the similarities/differences to Catcher and "Flowers"?

10. How are the garden, family, and a sense of home connected in this story?