Synopsis Sheet for Shakespeare Stealer

David Tomatis

Blackwood, Gary. The Shakespeare Stealer. [information missing here]

Setting: London, England. The year of our Lord 1587, the 29%f Queen Elizabeth’s reign.

Summary:Steal Shakespeare’s play Hamlet or else. That’s the mission from his master, Simon Bass. Widge is a poor orphan who has the rare ability to write a unique coded shorthand that he learned from a previous master. He has no choice but to follow these orders. So Widge works his way into the Globe Theatre, where Shakespeare’s troupe rehearses and performs. This is where Widge’s life changes forever. At all costs he must hide his real reason for being there from Shakespeare and his players, who take him in and treat him as one of their own. He begins to like the theatre and his new friends. Maybe he could hide out and stay there. However his master’s henchman, Falconer, is combing the city looking for his master’s property.

Will he do it? Will Widge take the book betraying his new friends and giving up his first chance he has ever had to belong? Read the book…

Themes: Belonging- Widge has struggled his entire life the feelings of fitting in. His mother died when he was born and his father wants nothing to do with him. Being raised at an orphanage, it is everyone’s dream to be adopted. However, Widge’s first master treats him like an ignorant animal that must be beaten to be taught. Acceptance- Widge has never been seen as a friend or a member of a family. He struggles with the acceptance of his newfound family, the theatre troupe. Transformation- Widge’s character goes through dramatic changes as he goes from being treated as a piece of property to a equal member of a family.