Hints for increasing readability in papers

Here are some very helpful tips on increasing your readability index.

1. Shift adverbs: The rescue team reluctantly suspended the operation. Reluctantly, the rescue team suspendehe operation. The rescue team suspended the operation reluctantly.

2. Shift the entire prepositional phrase

3. Reversed order for Emphasis: The sound of shots came after midnight. To After midnight came the sound of shots.

4. Inversion "Three times I read the poem before before I understood it.”

5. Introductory "What" Geologist can never predict exactly when an earthquake will strike. Geologists can often pinpoint where an earthquake will occur. What they can never predict is exactly when it will strike.

6. Introductory it. The president was applauded enthusiastically, but the senator from Massachusetts received the largest ovation. The president was applauded enthusiastically, but it was the senator from Massachusetts who received the largest ovation.

7. Passive: Congress approved the new federal budget. To The new federal budget was approved by Congress.

8. Using anaphora to achieve unity. It was started by Kenneth Wilson, it was the innkeeper, it was a failure.

9. By phrase, Albert Einstein is called the greatest mind of the twentieth century by those who know his work best.

10. Rhetorical questions> My roommate borrowed my new car three times last year and each time ended up in accident. Now he asks for it again. I wonder whether he really expects me to say yes. My roommate borrowed mar three times last year and each time ended up in an accident. Now he asks for it again. Does he really expect mo say yes?

11. Innterruptive sentences. Use of dashes to incorporate one sentence within another.

12. Fronting: Cairo: the very word evokes images of a vibrant, tumultuous, exotic city. Or Reviving the draft!Surely, Congress knows better.

13. Begin with a participial phrase: "Striving to perfect his art, Yeats worked out a brilliantly integrated system of symbols.

14. Begin with an infinitive phrase: "To judge from his first paper, you would have thought him incapable of writing such an excellent exam."

15. Use appositives: "Gray’s ‘Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard,’ the best-known poem in the English language, glorifies the common people."

16. Qualify the verb: "Pope writes, sometimes caustically, sometimes bitterly, geometrical, farcical activity of man."

17. Insert phrases that modify the subject: His essay, rich with meaning, firm with economy of expression, strong with concrete words, evoked a favorable response from his instructor.