Curriculum Vitae

Janice E. Patten

Department of English

San Jose State University

One Washington Square

San Jose, CA 95192-0090


450 Bahr Dr.

Ben Lomond, CA 95005-9643


Academic Degrees:

PhD, English Literature; University of California, Santa Cruz & University of California, Los Angeles, 1992.

Dissertation: Dark Imagination: Poetic Painting in Romantic Drama. Director: Frederick Burwick, University of California, Los Angeles. This study investigates the paradigm shift that occurred in the aesthetics of the stage, of painting and poetry and in some representative works of Joanna Baillie, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and George Gordon, Lord Byron. These poets dramatize interiority; specifically they envision Romantic drama as a series of ekphrastic moments, skiagraphically portrayed, always enhanced by the passions. Essentially a redefinition of Romantic drama, the dissertation also argues that the poet/dramatists conceived their work for the stage and the page, emphasizing aesthetic complementation in audience response, and thematizing the fundamental duality of perception and the inherent dramatic illusion of the genre.

MA, English Literature; San Jose State University, CA, 1987.

MA Thesis: Dark Imagination: Coleridge, Shelley, Keats. San Jose State University, 1987.

BA, Double area concentration: English and American Literature. Purdue University, 1982. Attended also William Paterson State College, Wayne, New Jersey (elementary education major).

Languages: French, some Spanish, and some German


Current Position: Lecturer


Teaching Experience:

1986-- Lecturer, English, San Jose State University

1989 Teaching Assistant, University of California, Santa Cruz

1984-86 Teaching Associate, English, SJSU

1965-74 Elementary, Middle, and High School English, in Middlesex County, NJ
Middle and High School in Santa Cruz County, CA

Classes Taught:

Literature Courses:


English Education:

Teacher Supervision in Single Subject, English


1997 "Joanna Baillie." Companion to Romanticism. Ed. Duncan Wu. Oxford, UK: Blackwell, 1997.
1996 Virginia Hamilton." Writers of Multicultural Fiction for Young Adults: A Bio-Critical Sourcebook. Ed. Daphne Kutzer. Westport, CT: Greenwood P, 1996. 149-62.
1993 Review/essay of Seven Gothic Dramas: 1789-1825 by Jeffrey Cox. Athens: Ohio UP, Theatre Journal 45.4 (1993): 562-64.
1991 "Review/Essay of The Contours of Masculine Desire: Romanticism and the Rise of Women’s Poetry by Marlon B. Ross. New York: Oxford UP, 1989. European Romantic Review 2.1 (1991): 110-14. 1988.
1989 Review/Essay of Emily Brontë and Beethoven: Romantic Equilibrium in Fiction and Music by Robert K. Wallace. Athens: U of Georgia P, 1985. Nineteenth-Century Contexts 11.2 (1989): 232-34.


Reading Actively in Today’s Young Adult and Children’s Literature. Techniques of reading and writing about the literary aspects of this specific literature, with an interactive cd.

Revision of dissertation Poetic Painting in Romantic Drama: Ekphrasis and Imagination.

Maintenance and Expansion of my web site, desgned for students of Literature in various fields of study:


1994 Nominated for Outstanding Professor of the Year

1987 Meritorious Professional Performance and Promise Award, San Jose State University
1986 Mara Steffey Award for Outstanding Graduate Student, SJSU

1959-61 State Scholarship, William Paterson College

 Conference Papers:

1999 "Lawrence Yep: Simile, Metaphor, and Symbolic Representation of Myth" Children's Literature Section. PAMLA. in Portland, OR
1998 "The Borderers and the Modernity of the Visual" PAMLA (Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association), Scripps College. November 6-8 (elected best of section).
1997 "Visualization and the Passions: Baillie and Romanticism." Romanticism Section, PAMLA November.
1996 "Baillie: A Series of Dramatic Pictures." Respondent on panel at MLA, Washington DC. December 27.
1996 "The Art of Reading: Supplementation, Dialogism, and Free Indirect Discourse in Children’s/YA Literature, PAMLA, University of California, Irvine. November 7 (Elected best of section).
1995 "Little Women: Visualization and the Cumulative Act of Reading." PAMLA. UC, Santa Barbara. Nov. 5.
1994 "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner: Slavery and the Problem of Evil." PAMLA. San Francisco, CA. November (elected best of section).
  "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner: A Poetic Synthesis of Narratives of Slavery, Mutiny, and Travels." Coleridge Conference, Bristol, England. July 22-27 (accepted but never delivered because of critical family illnesses).
1993 Visualizing the Passions of the Mind." Joanna Baillie: Her Plays and Dramaturgy. MLA Convention, Toronto, Canada, Dec. 30.
  "Ecological criticism: Home and the Green world of Children’s literature." Children’s Literature Section, PAMLA, Seattle, WA, November (Elected best of section).
  "The Borderers: The Aesthetics of Privation." International Wordsworth Summer Conference, Grasmere, U.K. August 14.
1992 "Romantic Drama: Poetic Painting on the Stage and on the Page." "Literature and the Other Arts." PAMLA, San Diego, November.
  Coleridge’s Remorse: ‘From Blank Canvas to Magic Mirror.’" International Coleridge Conference, Bristol, England. July. The conference speakers were composed of the foremost Romantic scholars in the field.
  "Shadows of Identity: Conception and Production of Baillie’s Constantine Paleologus and its Anti-type, Sardanapalus." INCS (Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies), New Orleans. April 11.
1991 "Renaissance Drama: Gender and the Illusion of Power." Literature to 1700 section, PAMLA, Las Vegas. November 15 (Elected best of section).
  "Revitalizing the Legendary Past: The Literary Relationship of Joanna Baillie and Sir Walter Scott." Fourth International Scott Conference, U of Edin burgh, Scotland. August 13.
  "Joanna Baillie: A (Re)Discovery." Wordsworth Summer Conference, Grasmere, England. July 29.
  "Martyrdom in T. S. Eliot and Joanna Baillie." Conference on Christianity and Literature, Western Regional Meeting, Santa Clara University. May 4.
  "Hugo’s Grotesque Images: Sites and Scenes of Dramatic Conflict and Change in Les Miserables." (INCS), Yale University. April 5.
1990 "Joanna Baillie: A Vital Romantic" PAMLA, San Jose, CA. November 11 (Elected best of section).
  "Engendering the Imagination in the Composition Classroom." Young Rhetoricians Conference, Monterey, CA. June 21.
  "The Anatomy of Passion: Matthew and Joanna Baillie’s Body of Work" INCS, California State University, Long Beach. March 31.
1989 "Dark Imagination: Wordsworth and Persistent Hauntings." Wordsworth Summer Conference, Grasmere, England. August 1.
  "Phantoms and Shadows: Poetic Production in Shelley’s ‘Triumph of Life’ and Goethe’s Faust." INCS, Portland, OR.
 1986 "The Satiric Sense of Life." PAMLA, University of California, Riverside. November 8.
  "The Serpentine Muse: Coleridge’s Christabel and Keats’s Lamia." Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association (RMMLA), Denver, CO. October 11.
   "The Wreck and the Pall: Representing the Real in Tennyson’s ‘Locksley Hall’ Poems." Western Association for Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-century Studies, Scripps College, Claremont, CA. March 22.
1984 "The Cenci and the Abyss: Shelley’s Tragic Sense of Life." PAMLA, Vancouver, BC. November 9 (Voted best of section.)

Presiding Officer of Conference Sections (Presiding officers are elected by a majority of attendees):

2000 Presiding Officer. Children's Literature. PAMLA. UCLA, CA. November.
1999 Presiding Officer. Literature and the Other Arts. PAMLA Portland Oregon.
1999 Presiding Officer: Panel IV, Business Culture & the Business of Culture, April 24. San Jose State University.
1997 Presiding Officer: Children’s Literature, PAMLA.
1996 Presiding Officer: Nineteenth-Century Interdisciplinary Studies Section. PAMLA.
1995 Presiding Officer: Children’s Literature, PAMLA.
1994 Presiding Officer: Literature and the Arts, PAMLA.
1993 Presiding Officer: English Literature to 1700. PAPC. Seattle, WA.
1992 Presiding Officer: Romanticism. PAMLA. San Diego.
1990 Presiding Officer: "Drama: Renaissance and Resonance," PAMLA. San Jose, CA.
  Presiding Section leader: Young Rhetoricians, Monterey, CA.
  Moderator: "Feminism" Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies Conference, California State, Long Beach, (INCS). March 30.
1989 Moderator: "Cultural Contexts II." Conference on the Grapes of Wrath, San Jose State University.
  Presiding Officer: "Satire and Comedy." PAMLA, Portland, OR, November 12.
  Presiding Officer: "Romanticism." Rocky Mountain MLA (RMMLA), Las Cruces, NM. October 21.
  Moderator: "Democratic Vistas (?)" INCS, Boston, MA. April 15.
1987 Presiding Officer: "Romanticism." RMMLA, Spokane, WA. October 10.
1986 Presiding Officer: "19th-Century Literature." PAMLA, Riverside, Nov. 8.

Other Professional Activity

2000 Chose as representative for the National Seminar at NEA in Washington, D.C. on computer/internet courses.

2000-04 Won election for Representative on the Executive Committee of PAMLA

1995--97 Reader/table leader for composition readings: Educational Testing Service, English Department (1B), WST, 100W Entrance Examination and Waiver Exam.

1993 Organizer of UCLA and SJSU students to Wordsworth Summer Conference (University credit for students)

1998-91 Special Invitation to Honors Convocation from students

1986-90 INCS Board member

1988-89 Managing Editor of journal, Nineteenth-Century Contexts.

1987 Co-organizer, Second Annual Colloquium of InterdisciplinaryNineteenth-Century Studies, jointly sponsored by SJSU and UCSC, April 9-11

1985-89 Member of Executive Committee of Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies.
1983-86 Co-founder and Co-President of English Graduate Group,SJSU.


Conferences Attended:

1989-95 Wordsworth Summer Conference, Grasmere, UK

1992 International Coleridge Conference, Nether Stowey, UK

1991 Themes in the Drama, UC, Riverside, Feb. 15-16

1993 California Literature Project

1989 Aesthetic Illusion Conference, UCLA, March 2-4

1982-96 MLA

1986-93 INCS

1981-98 1981-98

1982-83, 86-88 RMMLA

1985 Humanities Institute, UC, Berkeley

1984-92 Young Rhetoricians Conferences, SJSU

1991 Conference on Aesthetic Illusion, UCLA

1984 Coleridge and the Biographia Literaria: A Symposium, UCLA