Historical, Multicultural, and Specific YA Literature

Historical and/or Multicultural YA books

Holocaust Literature for Young Adults

Briar Rose–along with Devil’s Arithmetic, this book provides an insightful, refreshingly different picture of the Holocaust experience, one we should never forget.

Abuse Issues

Short Stories for YAs

Poetry for YAs & by YAs

Individual Authors, special YA books, and Related Sites

Learning about YA Authors (from Kay Vandergift’s pages)

Different Ways to Have Student Give Book Reports

Almond, David

Bloor, Tangerine

Bradbury, Ray

Cormier, Robert

Fleischman, Paul Seedfolks

Gaines, Ernest.

Gallico, Paul

  • Gallico, Paul. See this web page for a complete listing of all his imaginative, inspirational books

Hemingway, Ernest

Hesse, Karen Out of the Dust

Lewis, C. S.

LeGuin, Ursula K.

Lowry, Lois

Herman Melville

Myers, Walter Dean. Monster

Oates, Joyce Carol

O’Brian, Robert.

Paterson, Katherine

Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter

Salinger, J. D.

Sachar, Louis Holes

Shakespeare, William Romeo and Juliet: a site developed by Mr. Paul Yllana & his students at Leland High, San Jose, CA

Twain, Mark (Samuel Clemens) Huckleberry Finn: Problems and issues

Yolan, Jane Briar Rose